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Wagepay features
Wagepay features

We don’t do credit checks

Which means your credit score does not get impacted. We look for a good history of you handling your money through your bank account.

Wagepay features

We give you back control

Instead of waiting for payday, instead of a payday loan, instead of late payment fees or instead of missing an opportunity we help you access your wage before payday.

Wagepay features

We don’t involve your employer

Your personal life stays personal. We don’t involve your employer in any way shape or form.

Be in control of your money

Be in control
of your money.

Wagepay was founded for a purpose. To revolutionise the way you access your pay, for the better, by giving you access to a portion of your earned pay.

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Our Mission

We’re giving everyday Australians real time access to their wages and trying to improve their financial wellbeing. It’s time to empower employees to take control of the money they’ve earned.

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