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See why Wagepay is the New Service Your Business Needs

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Benefits For your Business

Creating a Wagepay Business account will help you easily manage employee wage advances and provide them with other employee benefits.

  • Happier employees as payday is now when they need it most.
  • Help your employees meet their financial needs and avoid expensive payday loans.
  • Reduced staff turnover with salary perks.
  • The service comes at no cost to your business.
  • Obligation-free, as Wagepay handle all services and communications with your employees.
How it works

Connecting Your Employees

Getting your employees connected to your business account couldn’t be simpler.

  • There’s no payroll system integration required.
  • Quickly add your employees details to your business account, which requires only their most basic information.
  • All your employees will need is a Unique Endorsement Code, which you can generate and SMS them.
  • Employees then save their endorsement code in their personal Wagepay accounts to access benefits.
  • Employees will engage with Wagepay directly for their wage advance needs through our user-friendly app or web portal
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Registering your Business

Easily register your business with Wagepay using the following steps.

  • Complete a quick online business registration with Wagepay.
  • We will review and verify your business details within two business days.
  • Once your business is verified, your account will be ready to use.

Popular Questions

Short on time? Here are the most popular questions we get from employers about our business service.

You can also find more answers from our help centre.

Nothing! There is no cost to employers to use Wagepay for business. Any applicable service costs are charged directly to the employee.

No! There is no payroll system integration required to use Wagepay for Business. After creating a business account, you can add your employee’s details directly to our portal. Don’t worry, we only ask for necessary information, so this will be quick.

We will manage all wage advances directly with your employees. If an employee doesn’t repay their advance, we will not contact or ask you for payment.